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Animal printing blanket | super soft blanket | keep warm blanket

Animal printing blanket | super soft blanket | keep warm blanket
Animal printing blanket | super soft blanket | keep warm blanket
Animal printing blanket | super soft blanket | keep warm blanket
Animal printing blanket | super soft blanket | keep warm blanket

Allieds bleached cotton cushion

  • Information Alright Alright
      Product color   White   Manufacturer   Alright
      Size   133 * 100 / 40 * 40cm   Weight   1560g
      Model size   TWIN/QUEEN/KING   Product category   Cushion


    1. Features

    Fit the skin, fluffy, strong resilience, lightweight and elastic


    2. Material

    133 * 100 / 40 * 40 cotton bleached cashmere proof fabric


    3. Filling

    50% 2-4cm grey duck wool + 50% 3D * 51mm pearl cotton, 1560g


    4. Commodity characteristics

    1) By 133 * 100/40 * 40 cotton bleached cashmere fabric for Shell;

    2) 50% 2-4 cm gray duck feather piece + 50% 3d * 51 mm pearl cotton mixed filling;

    3) The cushion elastic appropriate, resilient, cotton fabric permeability is good, anti-cashmere treatment so that the wool piece is not easy to drill out;

    4) Keep the room clean. Wool and chemical fiber cotton mixed with each other, so that they embrace each other, cooperate with each other, play their respective advantages.

    5) Factory direct delivery, first-hand source.


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    About Animal printing blanket


    Animal printing blankets are very durable, printed with bright and colorful patterns, and made of high-quality plush material, which is softer and warmer than ordinary blankets. High quality, velvet soft touch. Great for home or holiday gifts. Suitable for all seasons, suitable for bed, sofa, travel, and camping. Excellent thermal insulation to keep you warm. Offers you great comfort during cold winter months or in an air-conditioned room.


    Animal printing blanket


    Animal printing blanket adds extra texture to your decor and turns your room into an inviting space with this simple yet elegant design; hang it over a chair, sofa, or bed to add style to your living room or bedroom Sense, available in a variety of colors, can easily match your decoration or other accessories.

  • Details Alright Alright

    Animal printing blanket | super soft blanket | keep warm blanket

Down cleaning

Clean down is able to retain more warmth, has better loft, better compression,will look and feel better, and leads a longer functioning life cycle. Taking proper care and regularly cleaning your down will keep it performing as well as the day you bought it.

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