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How to choose a duvet


How to choose a duvet


When choosing a duvet, you can try whether it feels soft or not; smell it for peculiar smell; press the duvet to see if the elasticity is good; pay attention to whether the fabric is comfortable, skin-friendly and quiet; weigh the weight of the duvet with your hand to feel the goose down Not light. The purchase method is as follows:


Duvet factories typically employ a variety of workers with different roles. These roles may include machine operators who run the equipment that fills and sews the duvets quality control inspectors who check the finished products for defects and shippers who package the duvets for delivery to retailers. Some duvet factories also have their own sales staff who sell the finished products directly to consumers.


1. Touch by hand


When buying a duvet, you can carefully touch the quilt with your own hands to see how it feels. A duvet with a high down content is very soft to the touch.


A duvet supplier is a company that provides duvets which are thick fluffy blankets typically filled with down feathers or a synthetic alternative. Duvet suppliers usually sell their products wholesale to retailers who then sell them to consumers. Some duvet suppliers also sell their products directly to consumers through their own websites or retail stores. Duvet suppliers typically offer a wide range of products in different sizes colors and materials to meet the needs of different customers.


2. Smell


When buying a duvet, you can also smell the smell of the duvet with your nose. The down in the duvet of good quality is processed by complicated process and washed and sterilized, so it will not smell. If there is a strange smell, it means that the quality is not good. Duck down generally has a fishy smell, and goose is a herbivore, and goose down generally has no odor problem.


3. Press the duvet


When buying a duvet, we can also identify the quality of the duvet by pressing. Lay down the duvet, wait for it to recover naturally for 2 to 3 minutes after laying, then press the quilt and release it immediately. If it can rebound in time and return to its original shape, it means that the quality is relatively positive.


A duvet wholesaler is a company that specializes in selling duvets and other bedding products to retailers. Duvet wholesalers typically have large inventories of products available for purchase and they often offer discounts for bulk orders. In order to find a reputable duvet wholesaler it is important to research the company thoroughly and read customer reviews.


4. Look at the properties of the fabric


The fabrics of duvets are generally divided into two categories: one is cotton fleece-proof fabrics, and the other is fleece-proof fabrics made of synthetic fibers such as polyester or nylon. No matter what kind of fabric you choose, you must pay attention to whether the fabric is comfortable, skin-friendly, and quiet. High-count and high-density fabrics are preferred to prevent the down from running out.


Some high-end duvets also use antibacterial technology. For example, the "Rokafu" brand has a partitioned thermal insulation goose down quilt by adding silver fibers to the fabric to achieve a natural antibacterial effect. After 200 times of washing, the killing rate of pneumonia bacillus is as high as 99.7% . It is made of anti-velvet fabric imported from Japan, which has been processed by anti-drill down and has good anti-drill down and anti-running down properties. At the same time, it is soft to the touch, high gloss and good mute effect.


5. Weigh the weight of the duvet by hand


When buying a duvet, you also need to weigh the weight of the duvet by hand. Goose down is very light. If it feels heavy when you hold it in your hand, in the case of the same amount of down and the same volume, the lighter the quality, the better the quality.



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