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The best down manufacturer in the world


The best down manufacturer in the world




HANGZHOU ALRIGHT FEATHER & DOWN CO., LTD is a Sino-US Joint venture company, which was founded in August, 2000, locates in the biggest down distributing center in the world, China Down Industrial Park, Xiaoshan, Zhejiang Province. The company founders have been in down and feather business over 30 years, specializing in all kinds of feather,down and down products.


Many people have a love-hate relationship with their down comforters. On one hand,who doesn't love the warmth and coziness of snuggling up under a pile of soft feathers? On the other hand,they can be a huge hassle to maintain with frequent washing and drying cycles. If you're looking for an alternative that offers all of the comfort without the hassle,custom waterproof down is your answer.




We are the Experts In Comfort. We are the innovators who push the boundaries and explore non-traditional approaches to what comfort means. And we strive to create a complete and compelling experience from beginning to end.


Formed in 1983, DOWNLITE was an off-shoot of family Down & Feather processing business. Our focus was bedding and creating great sleep experiences using the finest materials and highest quality craftmanship. Today, that expertise has allowed us to become the leaders in comfort, providing bedding for Home & Hospitality, and the best responsibly-sourced Down & Feather for the Outdoor Apparel market.


With 5 U.S. based manufacturing sites, sourcing teams in Europe, China, and North America, a world-class Marketing & Product Development team, and dedicated and knowledgeable Sales team, DOWNLITE can create the experiences your customers will keep coming back for.


We work with some of the top names in every industry, including The North Face, Patagonia, Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Marmaxx Group, Costco, Sam's Club, Starwood Hotels, and many more.


Based in Mason, OH (just north of Cincinnati), DOWNLITE designs, develops, manufactures, and markets bedding products including comforters, pillows, matress pads, blankets, throws, and more. We also produce bulk filling material of the highest grades.


Canadian Down & Feather Company




Canadian Down & Feather Company is a Canadian manufacturer of down, feather, and down alternative bedding products. We sell top-quality duvets, pillows, and mattress toppers through our online store and to national and independent retailers, hotels, and interior design professionals.


But who are we really?


We are proud Canadians, sleep enthusiasts, comfort addicts, and lovers of breakfast-in-bed.


We manufacture products for lazy Saturday mornings, hit-the-snooze-button Monday mornings, sunny afternoon naps, sick days, “sick days”, and late-night movie marathons.


Our bedding is for curling up with a favourite book, dreaming, scheming, platonic sleepovers, non-platonic sleepovers, and the sweet bliss of a bed to yourself. It is for boogeyman protection, stuffed animal parties, bedtime stories, and counting sheep.


We believe your bed should be your sanctuary, your refuge, your happy place.


Our Mission


We are intentional about our processes. We’re passionate about innovative, smart design and environmentally-conscious production. Our operations are Carbonzero Certified – we have measured and offset the carbon emissions generated by our facility. We are IDS and RDS Certified - we have been audited to ensure animal and human welfare throughout the supply chain. We use only ethically-sourced materials that pass our strict quality control, and deliver products that are free of harmful substances, while still being fairly priced. 


We’re here to help you curate your perfect bed. We offer a wide range of products to suit every sleeping style and budget. Our online resources are designed to help you navigate down and feather bedding options and make informed purchasing decisions.


Should you need more assistance, we also have expert staff dedicated to providing personalized customer service – consider us your bedding matchmakers!




As a down & feather manufacturer and supplier located in LUAN, China, AFC enterprise has enough know-how and experience to support your business on down feather and any other down feather products. You can get one stop solution by the first class technology and quality control system on down comforter, down pillows, down jacket, down sleeping bag etc.


Our vision is to provide the warmest and most environmentally friendly raw materials.


Our goal is to supply the best down feather and be a reliable partner for our customers.


Feel free to contact  AFC Down & Feather now, let’s work together to get your business boosted!






If you enjoy the finer things in life, and if quality is an essential element of your life, we welcome you to the world of Makoti Down Products.


Every product is meticulously handcrafted to perfection and is a culmination of over 25 years of experience, research and passion. We guarantee the highest quality and comfort at a level that you have never experienced before.


The Down Store


Over 44 years ago we discovered (on a trip to Europe), a wonderful way of sleeping, with a down comforter inside a duvet cover (most efficient, no bed-making). We thought the hotel had forgotten to make the bed, but this puffy, sumptuously, soft comforter was folded down at the end of the bed. That night was transformative in the sublime luxury we encountered. It was hard to get up the next morning. Upon returning to New York we could not find anything like it, and so The Down Store was born. Our goal was to offer the high quality Europeans were accustomed to buying with the idea you buy quality once and with proper care you will have it for life. To that end we felt it was important to specialize in our Down DoctorTM Services of cleaning and renovation. It was also the time of the energy crisis, so we thought home owners would appreciate the savings that are possible when you turn down the thermostat (plus it is a healthier way to sleep). We are very custom and can make any size comforter, featherbed or down bed topper. Our Signature Brands are SnowgooseTM and BodyCloudTM (the ultimate mattress topper). After being on Madison Ave., in New York City for 35 years we have had some interesting clients. (It makes for a fun read).


European Bliss Inc.


European Bliss Inc. is a successful family-owned and run company based in Los Angeles, founded in 2008 by Renate Craft. The business just celebrated its 14th anniversary and is now multi-generational: everybody chips in!


Renate worked as a Sales Executive in Germany, traveling quite a bit when she met her husband Stephen on a trip to L.A. in 1997. She moved half across the world and, together they started a family. Everything was perfect...except: Renate missed her beloved down comforters she grew up with. Long story short: Renate put her business degree and her experience in sales to work and became the distributor in the U.S. for Ringsted Dun (Denmark), Hans Kruchen (Germany), Braendl (Germany), Bierbaum (Germany) and Irisette (Germany). Ringsted Dun provides down bedding to the Danish Royal Family and: to quality-minded customers in North America.


Now, the entire Craft family sleeps under beautiful, cruelty-free down comforters - and they are passionate about their products.


All down comforters and pillows are manufactured in Denmark with high quality, animal welfare standards (cruelty free down), human rights and, sustainability in mind.


There is no other bedding retailer that offers a Sleep Better Guarantee. also offers the largest selection of luxury pillows and hotel bedding available anywhere online or offline! Our wide selection paired with our incredible customer service, easy to use website, Sleep Better Guarantee, and fast shipping creates a one of a kind shopping experience. And, we do all this as a small family and veteran owned business.


Plumeria Bay


Plumeria Bay® is a small family owned company founded by a father & daughter team, in 2002.  At that time we found that there were not many options when shopping online for high quality, well made,  goose down bedding. So we aimed to fix that.  


It is now 2021, nearly 20 years later, and online shopping is actually a thing now (we thought it might be :), and the number of stores offering down bedding online has increased exponentially.  However, the number of businesses that  actually manufacture and offer the best quality down bedding remains relatively small. 


Down & Feather Co.


We sell our products exclusively under the Down & Feather Co.®; Snuggle Soft™ and Natural Nights® Quality Rest™, brands of feather pillows, down pillows, down comforters, feather beds and down mattress toppers. Most of our brands are available in 650, 750 and 850 fill power and made in various thread count Egyptian cotton shells.


If you looking for down bedding made from the original luxury down bedding company to adopt the use of RDS Hungarian white goose down meticulously sorted and cleaned and then wrapped in luxurious long staple Egyptian cotton then look no further than our Quality Rest™, Snuggle Soft™ and Natural Nights® brands of feather pillows, down pillows, down comforters, feather beds and down mattress toppers.


HANGZHOU ALRIGHT——Quality hardware manufacturer


We are a Sino-US Joint venture company, which was founded in August, 2000, locates in the biggest down distributing center in the world, China Down Industrial Park, Xiaoshan, Zhejiang Province. The company founders have been in down and feather business over 30 years, specializing in all kinds of feather, down and down products. Alright is China's best feather manufacture! Kindly contact us for more information.




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